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Representative Cases

A Passion for Employment Law

These are some of the cases that Miami employment lawyer Alberto Naranjo has personally handled to prove wrongful termination occurred. Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality, but the details of the story remain the same.

Amy had been working at a busy medical facility for five months when the company’s CEO invited her to dinner. At that dinner, the CEO attempted to kiss Amy on the mouth. Amy rejected the CEO’s unwanted sexual advance and was terminated shortly thereafter. Our investigation uncovered a workplace culture of complicity and exposed a predatory CEO. The company agreed to award a severance package worth more than Amy had earned in her five months of employment.

Adam has a rare medical condition that prevents him from spending time outdoors. Long-term sun exposure is detrimental to his health, but he is fully capable of meeting work responsibilities with reasonable accommodation. Unfortunately, Adam’s employer denied his request for reasonable accommodation, which led to his unjust termination. Our investigation proved that Adam was, in fact, wrongfully terminated and was awarded compensatory damages.

Mark, a black valet attendant, was often left out of staff meetings and blatantly ignored by his Hispanic/Latino supervisor. That supervisor ultimately terminated Mark with no warning and/or explanation for the decision. An AN Law Firm, P.A. investigation discovered that the supervisor let Hispanic/Latino employees regularly break company policies and procedures without consequence. Alberto was able to recover lost wages for Mark based on racial discrimination.

Several Central American janitorial workers were terminated after complaining about verbal harassment and ethnic discrimination. Miami employment attorney Alberto Naranjo was able to prove the janitors often worked for less money than their colleagues and were targeted for termination by their supervisor. The workers received a generous severance package as a result of our investigation.

Jen, a black female, was terminated from her job after voicing concerns about her supervisor’s discriminatory behavior. AN Law Firm, P.A. investigators discovered that the supervisor, a white woman, often rewarded Jen’s white colleagues with work-from-home privileges and other benefits not readily available to Jen. Moreover, Jen’s supervisor blatantly refused to give her a raise despite stellar performance reviews and perfect attendance throughout her year-long stint with the hospital. This information, along with the client’s written records of racial discrimination, helped Alberto Naranjo recover Jen’s lost wages.

Workers’ Compensation Retaliation

Karen was working at a clothing store when she injured herself moving heavy boxes of inventory. Until then, Karen could not say a bad thing about her job. She loved the work and the flexibility she received over the years to take care of her young child with special needs. After the injury, though, Karen’s work schedule changed to longer hours and nights, making it virtually impossible to care for her child. Karen’s job duties were also expanded to include window display set-up, further aggravating her injury. After meeting with employment law attorney Alberto Naranjo, Karen realized the supervisor was retaliating against her. Alberto negotiated a generous separation package between Karen and the employer. He then referred Karen to a respected colleague specializing in workers’ compensation who was able to secure additional benefits to help Karen properly recover from the workplace injury.

Pam and Jim are a married couple who enjoyed working together at a local home improvement store until they were terminated without cause. A month earlier, Jim seriously injured himself at work and required medical attention. His doctors cleared him for extra-light work until fully recovered. Meanwhile, Jim’s wife and co-worker Pam contacted HR to help file for workers’ compensation. They were both terminated a month later.

Unpaid Wages

Tony was a young guy working online customer service for a mid-size tech company when he contacted AN Law Firm, P.A. For about three years, Tony answered customer questions via live chat, a common hourly-wage job with regular overtime. But Tony was being paid a salary and internal company records classified him as a “manager.” Alberto Naranjo was able to prove the company knowingly misclassified him to avoid paying overtime, recover years-worth of lost wages, and cancel a non-compete agreement that prevented Tony from working for a competitor.

Enrique worked full-time at a high-end Miami Beach restaurant. After being forced to work significant overtime during Thanksgiving week 2017, his employer withheld Enrique’s over-time/time-and-half pay. Alberto Naranjo recovered all of Enrique’s unpaid wages and double the amount as liquidated damages. Enrique’s employer was also forced to cover attorney fees and costs.

Maria left her commission-based job at an e-commerce company for personal reasons and on good terms. Shortly thereafter, though, she realized the company withheld commission she’d earned and didn’t pay out her unused vacation days. Her former employer also refused to be a reference, making it difficult for Maria to build credibility with potential future employers. Alberto, however, was able to recover all the money Maria’s company withheld, plus attorney fees, costs, and a guaranteed neutral reference.

Ash had already stopped working at the telemarketing firm when her final paycheck arrived; unfortunately, the amount was far less than she was owed. But even after informing her supervisor via text about the mistake, Ash’s former employer refused to pay withheld pages. AN Law Firm, P.A., however, was able to recover the unpaid wages and a refund for equipment the company forced Ash to purchase.

Mario, a landscaper, regularly worked over 40-hours a week for a local lawn service company but was never paid for those overtime hours. Alberto fought to recover all of Mario’s unpaid wages, plus liquidated damages, attorney fees, and costs.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Kristy was working for a janitorial services company when she revealed her pregnancy to management. Shortly after informing them, she’d be resigning in a few months; Kristy says management started reprimanding her for alleged infractions that happened several months before. Combined, the alleged infractions cost Kristy her job; she was terminated. Alberto was able to prove this was clearly an act of pregnancy discrimination and Kristy received compensatory damages. The baby’s doing great, too!

Sara’s pregnancy was physically and emotionally taxing. Sara lost her job after presenting the employer, a wireless phone company, with a doctor’s note to “limit heavy lifting” at work. Overwhelmed, Sara hired AN Law Firm, P.A. to relieve some of the mental anguish. In the end, attorney Alberto Naranjo recovered all of her lost wages, plus additional money for the employer-induced traumatic stress.

Michelle worked several years remotely for a major cosmetics brand, but the company decided to eliminate the virtual position after she became pregnant. The company abruptly terminated Michelle without an offer to work at the company office with the rest of the team.

FMLA and Medical Leave

Zoe was working for a bank when she began feeling sick. She was rapidly losing weight and visibly ill. Her co-workers became concerned and offered support; the company did not. Shortly after Zoe formally requested medical leave, the employer terminated her. Zoe retained the counsel of AN Law Firm, P.A. and recovered lost wages for wrongful termination.

Steven was terminated from a cable company not long after returning from medical leave. The 49-year-old had no performance issues before medical leave but was regularly accused of major infractions immediately following his return. He was subsequently terminated two months later after speaking with HR about the unsubstantiated allegations. Alberto Naranjo secured compensatory damage.

Britt badly broke her leg and required extensive recovery time. When Britt submitted a request for Family and Medical Leave, her employer responded by transferring her to a different department, overlooking her for a promotion, and regularly reprimanding her for nonsensical things other employees regularly did. To add insult to injury, Britt’s boss also forced her to walk long distances, negatively impacting her recovery efforts. AN Law Firm, P.A. fought to prove Britt was experiencing discrimination on the basis of her medical leave

Caitlin was working for a high-end retailer when she was blindsided with a medical emergency that required immediate surgery. As she recovered at home on FMLA, Karen’s employer terminated her. She was notified by the store manager via phone and asked to return her store keys immediately. Miami employment attorney Alberto Naranjo secured compensatory damages shortly after Caitlin retained the counsel of AN Law Firm, P.A.

Whistleblower and False Claims

Erin, a drug rehabilitation and detox clinic employee, submitted written concerns to HR about suspicious corporate activity less than three months after joining the company. In an email sent to HR, Erin detailed what she believed to be unethical billing practices. The information was credible, given Erin’s extensive industry background, and so damning that the company’s CEO personally attempted to ruin Erin’s professional reputation. Attorney Alberto Naranjo proved Erin was retaliated against for whistleblowing and secured compensatory damages.

Dr. Syned, M.D., Ph.D., voiced concerns about the hospital misleading research patients into experimental procedures. After alleging that patients were often unaware they were being used for clinical research, Dr. Syned says he was left out of department-wide meetings and removed from previously scheduled speaking engagements. A superior also threatened to terminate Dr. Syned due to conflict-of-interest, alleging his work at a different institution violated protocol. AN Law Firm, P.A. investigated the claim and discovered Dr. Syned had disclosed his employment with both institutions, per protocol, and revealed he did not actively seek the position but rather recruited by the other institution. Attorney Alberto Naranjo fought to protect Dr. Syned’s reputation of an esteemed research physician and secured compensatory damages to cover emotional distress and legal fees.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Client Reviews
I was terminated wrongfully and reached out to Mr. Naranjo to represent me. He was quick with his replies, took his time, and got me more than I what I thought I would get in return. I strongly recommend him and his services. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Melissa
In the beginning I was a bit doubtful but you stuck to your word. I must say you are TRUTHFUL, PATIENT and KIND. Over the months you have built a respectful attorney/client relationship with me. I couldn't as for a better lawyer to represent me. I am so grateful to have met you. I highly recommend your services. I am an extremely happy client because of you. YOU ROCK!! Shantel
Alberto is an amazing attorney. He was the best lawyer I could have had to lead and protect my rights through a difficult time. I am still in shock as to how well the outcome was. I will continuously recommend him to everyone who requires legal representation. Lauren
Where can I actually begin. An Law Firm gets 5 across the board without a doubt because the explain everything to you step by step. They always updated me with text, email or phone calls informing me of every single move they made. Also most import, they won my case in efficient time. The best part of all, I didn't even have to do anything! Stefany
When issues arise in your life, its not easy choosing the right attorney. As soon as I had my first consultation, I knew Alberto was the perfect attorney for me. He is very understanding and easy to talk to. I'm very happy he was the one representing me! I highly recommend Alberto for anyone needing his services. Best choice made. Ada-C. Dias